Wednesday, 10/17/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
10 - Kate Faust
DJ Fancy Feast spinning between sets

Times subject to change without notice

Softer Sex Presents...Softober Nights



MODERNS is the Los Angeles-based synth-pop duo of Christopher Fudurich and Rosie Okumura. Fudurich is an engineer, multi-instrumentalist and analog enthusiast. As a producer, he has worked with a variety of pop artists but MODERNS is his first collaboration with his own musical output. Okumura is a songwriter, vocalist, and performer who has partnered with veteran producers. She plans to continue writing, collaborating and performing for MODERNS as her sole project and shares her experience: “I can’t describe how excited I am for what Chris and I are creating. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of; it’s so inspiring to me to work with someone so unique and creative.” Musically, MODERNS is synth-pop built on an organic foundation. Using vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines, and raw, natural vocals, the music is electronic but not sterile. MODERNS combine traditional and current recording methods, relying on instrumentation and singing without excessive digital manipulation. The result soars -- powerful vocals are given space and depth with music that is channeled equally from retro and contemporary sounds. In essence: modern. MODERNS has since performed around Los Angeles and released their second EP last year via Position Music, and have received buzz- worthy praise.

Free Show!

Kate Faust


Kate Faust is a voice, a creator, and a channel weaving songs into spells and vulnerability into power. Known for her ferocious live performances, confessional style vocals, and earnest online presence, Kate is on the beautiful journey of rebirth with each and every soul that comes in contact with her work. Kate currently resides in Los Angeles, far from the rural Pennsylvania town in which she was born. She serves, performs, creates, and educates where ever she is called to.




Originally from Silver Lake, California, the band formed late 2014. As their first single "Sexy" tells the story, their name inspired by The Good Luck bar where the two had met in 2006. Several mai tai's later, Loren started a music label and began playing drums for April's original band. The two eventually found themselves screen printing glow-in-the-dark posters, and launching Graphic designers by day, they decided to trade in ball-and-chain laptops forever in favor of live+lit drumming, hands+feet triggers, expression pedals+driving synthwave dance inducing electro making.