Thursday, 08/16/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
9 - Labit
9:45 - LTM
10:30 - LeyeT (Single Release)
11:15 - Happy Sometimes

Times subject to change without notice

Ticket price: $10.00

The Satellite Presents

Happy Sometimes


LA's Future Pop sweet heart Happy Sometimes drops "Love For The Weekend" the newest single from her her coming EP Heartbreaker. Happy Sometimes hit the ground running in 2017 dishing up a string of high profile features which has seen her crash Spotify "New Music Friday” playlist from the UK to the USA, Sweden to Australia (see DVBBS Parallel Lines). 
Writing and producing her own tracks, while living and working out of a shared house of music producers in LA’s Sherman Oaks, sets the scene for Happy Sometimes’ take on love and life in Southern California. "Just a Broke Kid with a Broken Heart” as Nothing More opens up on the highs and lows of a good soul in the lost city. A theme that runs throughout the "Heartbreaker EP”. Collaborating with on the rise LA producers Toni “Trodz” Rodini (Terror Jr, blackbear,TYSM ) and Mike O. (DVBBS, Wyclef Jean) Happy Sometimes’ stunning vocals and compelling production brings "Nothing More" to life. Add 2 x "Sold Out” shows at LA legendary Viper Room in June as well as a stunning performance in front of 15,000 fans in Toronto in July and coming up in August, her debut at Chicago’s Lollapalooza… It’s Happy Sometimes up next.



LeyeT wanted to start over. Then the lightbulb in the Los Angeles musician’s head went off: She could reinvent herself any time she wanted. The singer-guitarist called herself LeyeT (pronounced “Light”) and began writing songs that truly encompassed her experiences, a more authentic version of the woman she’d blossomed into. “I’ve grown into knowing who I am as a person a little more, and feeling good in that,” LeyeT says. “I had this moment where I wanted to start over and do what I feel and not care about anything else.” On her debut EP thoughts, out March 15th via Nettwerk Records, LeyeT combines her background in guitar songwriting with the energy and ethos of dance music. Inspired by the lyrical depth and sonic verve of her favorite dance artists, she channels emotional vulnerability into alternative-pop songs with a solid heartbeat… breakup and self-discovery songs you can dance to. The six-track EP features two never-released tracks, “No Worries” and “Work It Out,” an atmospheric and textural percussion-heavy meditation on a dissolving relationship: “It’s all for the best, right? I keep telling myself that it is that I’m fine,” LeyeT sings. Elsewhere on the EP, on “Long Way,” written in the aftermath of heartbreak and the precipice of new love, LeyeT coos over a delicate guitar riff with a chorus that builds with sub bass, snaps, and synth pads. “That’s what I was feeling at the time, utterly terrified at the thought of loving so deeply again,” she says of the song’s genesis. Though she grew up playing guitar, onstage she shelves the instrument and embraces the energy of a distinctive pop artist. For the last two years, LeyeT has been traversing L.A.’s rich music scene, collaborating with different musicians and producers to hone in on her singular sound. At the same time, she helped cultivate and grow a community of songwriters called Los Angeles Songwriters Collective. Of that experience, she says, “My character and heart have transformed into one of service and collaboration. You really do get what you give, and the joy experienced from creating with people you love is truly immeasurable.” Often times armed with a poignant phrase or a melody snippet, LeyeT builds textural landscapes by combining organic and electronic elements. “‘Most People’ is something I had written down in my notes: ‘Most people won’t get it.’ Unlike that lyric though, she wants to provide listeners with clarity. Take the name itself, light, a beacon into lucidity; the word “eye” at the center urging fans to open theirs. From lyrical themes that inspire deeper thought, to her ambiguous name, it’s not enough to simply be, to live unchallenged. “In my songwriting and who I am as an artist, I want to provide clarity for people…to provoke them to think about something,” LeyeT says. “And, well, a light does that. It helps someone see.”



LTM is a duo from Florida comprised of producer/singer, Chris Ganoudis, and drummer, Nick Davila. As songwriters and musicians, the group focuses on incorporating elements of organic percussion, guitars and vocals to create a unique brand of production.



Once a pop rock junkie, Stephen Ordonez is exploring the sonics of moody beats and acoustic guitars under the name he shares with his mother, Labit. Caught somewhere in between folk and R&B/soul, Labit is a singer-songwriter eager to represent his roots through music. Labit’s songwriting makes one thing abundantly clear - his tunes are an avenue for expression and understanding of both personal and community conflict.