Tuesday, 11/06/2018

The Bad Dreamers


Formed in 2017 by Grammy Nominated Producer/Writer David Schuler, The Bad Dreamers are a retro/pop outfit based in Los Angeles. With inspirations spanning from Nine Inch Nails to Prince, The Bad Dreamers are looking to make their mark with the release of their upcoming LP, 'Songs About People Including Myself' due October 25th, 2018.

Cyrus Reynolds


Crafting a sound out of both love for the orchestra and for modern songwriting, Los Angeles-based Artist and Producer Cyrus Reynolds leans heavily towards the cinematic and dramatic. A classically trained composer, turned electronic sound designer, he draws his own sound from familiar textures and twists them into new sonic landscapes, finally holding them together by threads of interwoven narratives and personal lyrics.



YVR is making pop music that is taking fans through a visceral experience. With a storytelling sensibility combined with ear-candy production, the duo, which is made up of Courtney Jenae and Stephen Stahl (Wondrboy), have been hard at work making YVR as honest to their roots as they set out to do just one year ago. In the early days of their career, the engaged couple turned to songwriting as a way to pay the bills but soon found themselves in the far east shaping the K-POP sound with some unrivaled talent. With over four million records sold, a combined 10 number one singles, two of which have reached #1 on the Billboard World Album Charts, the duo was ready to start their own artist adventure. So in 2017 they put their pen to work and formed YVR, named after the city they got in engaged in, with the promise to take their brand of pop hooks, melody, and personal stories to new heights.