Wednesday, 01/30/2019

Love Under The Sun


Los Angeles based, Boston raised artist Love Under The Sun captures the sounds of the past and paints them on a modern canvas. The brainchild of John Michael Mukai, Love Under The Sun balances elements of alternative, emo, post-hardcore; an homage to the music he was raised on. With influences ranging from Hum to Alanis Morissette, Deftones to Third Eye Blind, LUTS is loud and in-your-face but anthemic and catchy as all hell. He hits hard right before lulling you to sleep. The songs bite and sing with a calculated balance of catchy hooks, technical riffs, and mind-numbing rhythms that capture feelings of excitement, irreverence, and nostalgia.

Potty Mouth


Potty Mouth arrived in the early 2000-teens as a feel-good punk rock force from the fabled Western Massachusetts scene. Formed while Ally (bass) and Victoria (drums) were students at Smith College, and Abby (guitar/vox) a local rocker, they quickly made a national name for themselves with their brand of art-sensible power-punk wrapped in a catchy, fist-pumping package. In 2016, Potty Mouth moved to Los Angeles and began working with engineer Courtney Ballard to record a stockpile of songs they had created over the years since the release of their 2015 self-titled EP. This collection of songs have come together as SNAFU, the band's forthcoming sophomore album being release March 1, 2019 on Get Better Records. The album is currently available for pre-order and the lead single, "22," is available for streaming.



Guppy is a 4 piece prom-rock band consisting of friends, lovers, & acquaintances Julia Lebow, Gabi Cohen, Marc Babcock, and Michael Keehan. Their sound is recognizable for its driving rhythms, catchy melodies, and playful lyrics that are sure to leaving you thinking "GUPPY IS MY FRIEND!"