Wednesday, 02/20/2019

Don't Stop or We'll Die


DON'T STOP OR WE'LL DIE is a music-comedy pop/rock/weirdo band comprised of LA comedians Michael Cassady and Paul Rust (both featured on Netflix's LOVE) along with musicians Tony Thaxton and Emeen Zarookian.

Charlyne Yi


Charlyne Yi, a heart-throb, hangs out in alleyways and makes things. She wrote a book called “Oh the Moon” published by Harper Perennial, played a doctor on TV, is a shoe-cobbler, and can eat fire.

Jim and Sam


Jim and Sam are a Los Angeles based wife/husband singer-songwriter duo. On November 3rd 2017 they completed their Anywhere Everyday Tour which found them playing one show every day for a year, changing their perspective on what it means to be musicians, performers and songwriters. At the end of the project they signed to Nettwerk Music Group and are currently working on new music that will soon be released and a documentary film about their 365 day Anywhere Everyday Tour. Their latest single, "Doctor Please," was produced by Dan Molad (Chimney and Lucius). Their single, "Underdogs," was recorded on tour with producer Viktor Bälter-Lundin and musicians Magnus Olsson and Anders Pettersson (Melissa Horn, Lykke Li). In 2015, they self released their debut EP, "This Is What's Left," produced by Lasse Marten (Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John). In 2007 they met at a comedy show.