Thursday, 01/17/2019

Night Talks


Night Talks is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, CA. They finished recording their debut album in March of 2016, and released their first single, “Green,” on May 3rd 2016. Kevin Bronson of BuzzbandsLA wrote that “the debut single […] comes at you like a sleek luxury car, with frontwoman Soraya Sebghati’s resonant, angst-tipped vocals sounding confident enough to handle any stadium.” On May 15th, “Green” was played on KROQ Locals Only for the first time. Within a week, the single hit #1, and the band played the first Play Like A Girl showcase at the Echo to a sold out crowd. Night Talks released their debut album, In Dreams, on February 10th 2017, and the following day played their first headlining show at the Echo to another sold out crowd. They are currently writing their next album and playing shows in Los Angeles.

Helaine & the Hurricanes


Helaine & the Hurricanes are a bubblegum-surf-punk band out of Hollywood, CA. Front-woman Helaine was born just as the fateful Hurricane Helaine tore up the Atlantic ocean. Years later, that hurricane can still be felt in the release of Helaine & the Hurricane’s first single and video, “Before the Summer’s Over,” and in clubs across Los Angeles, CA.

The Living Roomers


The Living Roomers is comprised of Tru (guitar/lead vox), Lucky (drums/vox) and Jacko (bass/vox). Tru and Lucky were shaping the songs in summer 20-17 when Tru met Jacko at All My Friends Fest and the fit was perfect, with the rather notable exception that Jacko had to return to college till May 2018. After that pause, the band has since recorded 10 songs, released 2 singles and 2 videos, played at Echo Park Rising, the Echo and other clubs. The first two singles, Iphony and Screw You, are available on Spotify and Apple Music and have accompanying videos on Youtube. Not afraid to confront audiences with their punk rock influences, TLR stretches things out with 3-part harmonies and songs that aspire to their primary influences the Beatles, Beach Boys, Courtney Barnett and Joy Division.