Tuesday, 12/18/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
8:45 - Rubaiyat
9:15 - Dylan Rodrigue
10 - Sumeau
10:45 - Hawk Percival and Friends

Times subject to change without notice

Hawk Percival and Friends


An eclectic amalgamation of classic rock and feelings in the night, The Hawk believes that sound is an emotional experience and a union of the elements, using music as a tool for connection.

Dylan Rodrigue


Dylan Rodrigue’s music has always been a journey, exploring all genres and musical forms. Dylan was raised in small yoga-based intentional community in Northern California . . . a very quiet and peaceful place with a quiet and peaceful music scene. This all changed at the age of seven when Dylan’s father snuck a copy of Who’s Next into his bedroom. This sparked a passionate exploration of music from the Beatles to Fugazi, the Pixies, Elliott Smith and Vic Chesnutt. He began playing guitar and writing his own songs at age 8, studied classical guitar in high school, and eventually obtained a degree in songwriting and avante-garde composition at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).



SUMEAU (pronounced sumō) wants you to join their cult. Founded by Chris Sousa ("Su) and Kat Primeau ("meau"), the LA-based dream pop band creates melodic mantras reminiscent of '60s psychedelia and surreal soundscapes of surprising simplicity and scope. Since recruiting members Molly Dworsky, Ian McAllister, Dan Macken, Julia Chalker, Harrison Lee, Alex Keenan, and George Chammas, the 9-piece has created waves of sound greater than the sum of their parts at venues such as The Satellite, SoFar Sounds, Jam In The Van and Wisdome.LA.



Rubaiyat is a four piece alt-rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA. Singer/songwriter Joel Heinrich has teamed up with his friends to play earnest love songs in the key of Chad Vangaalen. While lyrically exploring the raw emotional side of relationships Rubaiyat avoids the pitfalls of sentimentality or angst. From Out in the Night's rowdy "drunk on the moon" lover stumbling home for romance in the backyard to Bloody Gum's mournful grooves, Rubaiyat captures the spectrum of our emotional love lives.